Eddie is a dog with a fantastic temperament. Always calm and sensible. He is the leader of his pack with great authority and has never been questioned by the other dogs.

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In 2004 Eddie was the top winning Swedish born stud dog in Sweden (2:nd total). His progeny group was Best In Show totally 5 times! You can see some of his offsprings here!


Eddie wins Best In Show at the
South Border Terrier Club show in 2003
One of Eddie's successful progeny groups in 2004.
Here we win Best In Show at our annual Border Terrier Club Show. Judge is Mrs Doreen Rushby, Kennel Dormic in the UK. The group consist of offsprings from three different bitches.

The most memorable achievement was however when we at Vadstena in July 2003 was BIS3 of totally 25 groups from all breeds!
Regnr: S13606/2000
Born: 1999-12-30

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